Township of Huron Kinloss




Our Story

The economy in Huron-Kinloss is largely based on agriculture, retail, and tourism. Pine River Cheese and Butter Cooperative is one of the municipality’s largest employers and the food processing sector is growing. Several area farmers are producing value-added food products, such as condiments and apple ciders and juices. Seasonal residents have a significant impact on our economy. The tourism industry continues to grow as more people are attracted to our beautiful sandy beaches. Bruce Power has a significant impact on the local economy and the impact is expected to continue strengthening with the upcoming refurbishment project. Many Bruce Power employees have chosen to live in Huron-Kinloss because of its’ close proximity to the nuclear plant. It is estimated that between 450 to 500 residents work at Bruce Power. Huron-Kinloss experienced significant growth (22%) in the number of building permits issued in 2016 over 2015. The main reason for this growth was the large spike in single family dwelling construction.

Bruce County

Community Type Population
Bruce County, ON County 68,423
Kincardine, ON Municipality 11,389
Brockton, ON Municipality 9,461
Arran Elderslie, ON Municipality 6,803
South Bruce, ON Municipality 5,639
Northern Bruce Peninsula, ON Municipality 3,999
Saugeen Shores, ON Town 13,715
South Bruce Peninsula, ON Town 8,416
Huron Kinloss, ON Township 7,069