Our Story

Located in Northeastern Ontario along the Mattagami River, the city of Timmins is known globally as one of the richest mineral-producing areas in the world.
The economy in Timmins is largely based on resource extraction and is heavily supported by a multitude of industries related to mining, manufacturing, forestry, and agriculture. Additionally, Timmins serves as the regional centre and hub for shopping, culture, commerce, health, industrial supplies, and distribution for communities along the Highway 11 corridor and the James Bay coastal communities. This encompasses a total market draw of 89,952 people. With a population of 42,516 and a geographic area of 2,979.15 square kilometers, Timmins comprises a mix of urban and rural environments. The city’s population density is 14.27 persons per square kilometer, significantly lower than cities in Southern Ontario. For more information about Timmins, please visit www.investintimmins.com or contact a member of the Timmins Economic Development Corporation (TEDC).