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Our Story

Small Town, but Big Dreams!

Hazlet is an innovative and cooperative community! With rural populations declining in recent history, we have beat the odds to keep our small Village alive and well!

Our school was on route for closure with only 34 students in 2006, the community and school division came together to create an International Program to help build some vibrance and increase school population. Since inception in 2006 Hazlet has hosted over 120 students from around the world!

High Power bills and decreasing population made it tough to keep our Skating and Curling rink affordable- once again the community came together and developed an idea! With the help of the Federal and Provincial government, we erected a wind turbine to power our rink complex and became the first wind powered rink in Canada!

Our strong volunteer base, innovative think and continued cooperation has revived this small village, and we look forward to continuing to grow and develop!