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Our Story

Located in the heartland of Ontario’s southwest, Ingersoll is a warm and vibrant community with over 12,000 residents. Founded by the Ingersoll family in 1793, the town has grown from a small farming community to a recognized leading industrial centre. Today, Ingersoll is a centre for manufacturing and is home to several industrial leaders, such as GM’s CAMI Assembly Plant, one of the eight large auto assembly plants in Canada. In addition to its thriving industrial sector, Ingersoll is also home to over 250 other businesses that employ more than 8,000 people.

Economic Development is not only about real estate, jobs and income; it is about developing a modern society which allows for the creation of exciting opportunities for residents and businesses alike. To meet this challenge, we must understand the needs of business and also balance the needs of community through planning, zoning and engineering.

The Economic Development Department of the Town of Ingersoll is here to assist business, entrepreneurs and developers with tools to create long term prosperity in Ingersoll. The Town's Economic Development Program, under the leadership of the Mayor and Town Council, involves a blend of individual and group initiatives - each engaging multiple stakeholders and selected as part of a comprehensive strategy to stimulate the economy of the community in a variety of ways.

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Community Type Population
Woodstock, ON City 46,705
St Thomas, ON City 42,840
Stratford, ON City 33,232
Perth County, ON County 81,565
Tillsonburg, ON Town 18,615