City of Weyburn & RM of Weyburn Regional Economic Development






Our Story

As one of the fastest growing communities in Saskatchewan, Weyburn is recognized as one of the more desirable places to live and work. Weyburn is a dynamic community with a long history of dedication to providing an exceptional quality of life for residents. Global economic conditions, particularly relating to agriculture due to the established agricultural roots and central location for the region has a positive impact on the business climate in the Weyburn region. Emphasis is placed on the development of a diverse economic base to ensure long standing business success in the Region.

The business community in Weyburn is a diverse collection of industry and corporate headquarters. As the central community in the Southeast Region, in close proximity to the provincial capital City of Regina, Weyburn is an attractive business locale for skilled workers and young professionals. The economy in Saskatchewan has all of the right elements for creating long term profitability for business. Global economic trends particularly related to oil and gas have made the Southeast Region the most prosperous in the province. Weyburn’s economic fundamentals such as population growth, median age, employment growth and a strong housing market have all contributed to the ideal investment conditions that currently exist in the City. All sectors of the local economy are currently seeing positive growth patterns. Weyburn continues to see record numbers in building and development permits and construction values.

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