Town of Westlock



Our Story

Don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of a city, have a voice and make a difference in the community you have your business and call home.

Westlock has a diverse economy, excellent transportation connections and a highly-evolved technological infrastructure. Our urban amenities and small town lifestyle has attracted a well-educated and skilled workforce.

There are excellent opportunities for business growth and expansion in our community. Located just 85 kms north of Edmonton, we offer quick and easy access to major markets and transportation routes. Industrial, commercial and residential lots are available to suit your needs. Prime locations with ample parking are available downtown.

We want you to be a part of our community and we will work closely with your business or organization. Westlock offers excellent opportunities for business growth and expansion and we are dedicated to the growth and development of your business in our community.

Growth Alberta

Community Type Population
Clyde, AB Village 415
Woodlands County, AB Municipal District 4,558
Mayerthorpe, AB Town 1,259
Lac Ste Anne County, AB Municipal District 10,832
Swan Hills, AB Town 1,201
Wabamun, AB Village 682
Growth Alberta, AB Regional Municipality 32,958
Wabamun, AB Village 682
Alberta Beach, AB Village 864
Westlock County, AB Municipal District 7,186