Our Story

Tisdale is one of Saskatchewan’s fastest growing economies, leading the Northeast Region in commercial and Agri-Value development. As one of Canada’s few rural municipalities with a dedicated foreign direct investment program (FDI); We are on track to be a major contender in the manufacture and processing of Agri-Value products destined for international markets.

Tisdale is in one of Canada’s most fertile grain belts producing a variety of abundant crops. The rich earth, stable climate and weather, are conducive to high yield harvests and exceptional quality crops. We know investing where the resources are, is a major component for success.

Tisdale offers companies and investors city grade infrastructure such as power, gas, potable water, waste processing and telecommunications. Additionally, Tisdale is one of a handful of communities with both national rail lines, and 2 modern highways, with access to markets to the east, west and south. Tisdale also has linkages with a number of free trade zones (FTZ’s) in Asia, Europe and the Middle East through Saskatchewan’s own inland port or FTZ’s on Canada’s East and West Coasts.

Our community offers residents and visitors an array of services from retail shopping experiences, educational opportunities to an abundance of extracurricular and recreational activities to fit any lifestyle. In Tisdale, “Opportunity Grows Here” - making us one of the best jurisdictions in Canada to invest, work, live and play.