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The MidSask Municipal Alliance (MSMA) is a group of thirteen municipalities working together to maximize the economic impact of the mining industry. They are future focussed in their intent to establish a long term vision and direction for the region. The MSMA is also finding ways to help their member municipalities address some of the challenges that they face, embracing them as a group rather than trying to deal with those issues individually.

The MSMA members include 9 urban municipalities and 4 rural municipalities including: City of Humboldt, Town of Watson, Town of LeRoy, Town of Lanigan, Town of Watrous, Town of Nokomis, Resort Village of Manitou Beach, Village of Drake, Village of Jansen, R.M. of Prairie Rose, R.M. of Morris, R.M. of LeRoy and the R.M. of St. Peter.

The MSMA Region is a dynamic area with an abundance of resources, a skilled and committed workforce, and a progressive attitude towards growth. Steeped in tradition while embracing future innovation the region is resource rich in mining, agriculture, and oil and gas. Paired with a commitment to progress and innovation, the MSMA Region is investment ready and mindful of its commitment to developing and enhancing the area.

The MSMA presents a united front to industry across the country – and beyond – who are seeking to establish new ventures. Their new regional investment attraction website is now live and these Saskatchewan ChangeMAKERS are open for business!

For more information contact: Celine Favreau by phone at 306-946-9000 or email at admin.msma@sasktel.net.

The MSMA Region
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