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The Economic Development Department markets Martensville and supports business development in the community to meet the needs of business and residents.

The Department works with the community to facilitate the most conducive environment for businesses to start, expand, and thrive to add to the employment opportunities in the community, and is active in regional partnerships and relationships to ensure a collaborative approach to building a strong regional and provincial economy.

The primary focus areas for the Department are to:

Assist entrepreneurs and small businesses to start up and expand; Build the profile of Martensville, market it as a place to live, work, and invest; and Initiate and support commercial, industrial, and residential growth and attraction.

Saskatoon Economic Regional Development Authority

Community Type Population
Aberdeen, SK Town 716
Dalmeny, SK Town 1,766
Delisle, SK Town 1,024
Langham, SK Town 1,518
Osler, SK Town 1,251
Rosthern, SK Town 1,602
Aberdeen No 373, SK Rural municipality 1,461
Blucher No 343, SK Rural municipality 1,984
Corman Park No 344, SK Rural municipality 8,909
Dundurn No 314, SK Rural municipality 2,101
Saskatoon, SK City 266,141
Warman, SK City 12,419