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Our Story

The Town of Langham was first settled in 1904 with the construction of the primary CNR rail line running north west from Saskatoon to Edmonton, Alberta. As the surrounding land was settled for farming by various immigrant families, the town prospered. Located along a main highway and railway, several grain companies, farm equipment companies, and oil companies established businesses providing both local employment and much needed services. However as throughout most of Saskatchewan, people began migrating towards the cities as farms grew larger and the population of Langham, as well as its services, decreased.

In 1968, the #16 Yellowhead Highway was built with a direct line from Saskatoon to Langham on its way west. This reduced the travel time to the large urban center to only 20 minutes and attracted many people who wished to enjoy small-town living with the employment and services of the city to move to Langham. Primarily young professionals, trades peoples, and small businesses see this town as a good place to live and raise a family.

Saskatoon Economic Regional Development Authority

Community Type Population
Aberdeen, SK Town 744
Dalmeny, SK Town 2,042
Delisle, SK Town 1,174
Martensville, SK City 10,822
Osler, SK Town 1,386
Rosthern, SK Town 1,688
Aberdeen No 373, SK Rural municipality 1,545
Blucher No 343, SK Rural municipality 2,178
Corman Park No 344, SK Rural municipality 9,255
Dundurn No 314, SK Rural municipality 2,725
Saskatoon, SK City 276,649
Warman, SK City 12,661