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Our Story

Like many small communities in the northwest, Glaslyn was promoted as a new frontier full of promise and we still believe this to be true. Homesteaders came from all over in the 1930's, when the land dried up down south, to this new unbroken land to make a life for their families whether they were coming to break land for farming, set up trap lines, or log the plentiful forests.

Agriculture and Forestry are the two main industries in the community; however, the Eco-Tourism industry is quickly advancing with bed and breakfasts in the immediate area and many outfitters in the community. The railroad came through the community in 1926. The original CN Water Tower and Station House are now the site of a very impressive community funded Museum. The beautiful eight sided water tower is one of only two of its kind in Saskatchewan and was operating as the village's water storage facility up until the new water treatment plant was built in 1993. Glaslyn is a very warm and welcoming community. Its residents include young families and a very active senior citizen group. Strong volunteer commitment has kept the recreational facilities fully operational for the public while maintaining the lowest user fees in the area so that all youth may have the opportunity to take part in hockey, figure skating and baseball.