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The Rural Municipality of Corman Park surrounds the City of Saskatoon in all directions. Corman Park is one of the province’s largest municipalities in area, measuring over 800 square miles and, with 8,568 residents according to the 2016 census, the most densely populated. All major highways leading to the City of Saskatoon as a destination are within Corman Park in addition to over 800 miles of municipal roads that are maintained by the Municipality.

Corman Park borders the North Saskatchewan River on its north west corner and the South Saskatchewan River runs through the north east to south west areas. Both the Meewasin Valley Authority and the R.M. have an interest in protecting and enhancing the river valley, a positive working relationship between the R.M. and the M.V.A. has been established.

In addition to the City of Saskatoon, major communities within the Rural Municipality of Corman Park include Martensville, Warman, Dalmeny, Langham and Osler. Corman Park offers a great lifestyle for its residents where you have the ability to live in close proximity to an urban centre, while having a larger tract of land to site your residence and enjoy outdoor activities.

Saskatoon Economic Regional Development Authority

Community Type Population
Aberdeen, SK Town 716
Dalmeny, SK Town 1,766
Delisle, SK Town 1,024
Langham, SK Town 1,518
Martensville, SK City 10,549
Osler, SK Town 1,251
Rosthern, SK Town 1,602
Aberdeen No 373, SK Rural municipality 1,461
Blucher No 343, SK Rural municipality 1,984
Corman Park No 344, SK Rural municipality 8,909
Dundurn No 314, SK Rural municipality 2,101
Saskatoon, SK City 266,141
Warman, SK City 12,419