Town of Aberdeen


Our Story

A community of 622 people, Aberdeen is only 18 minutes north-east of Saskatoon, just off Highway 41. One of the Saskatoon area’s best-kept secrets, Aberdeen offers a relaxed pace of life. Its affordability, small town atmosphere, and proximity to Saskatoon make it an ideal place to call home.

Business has been booming in the Town of Aberdeen, which has seen the addition of several new businesses over the last couple of years, including Gido's Corner, Soul Wok and Paulina's Cafe & Concession. The new 400-block Main St. commercial property has seven bays to house seven businesses. Bays 1 and 2's current tenant, Soul Wok, a new restaurant and lounge. Bay 3 with the new Town of Aberdeen Office.

Saskatoon Economic Regional Development Authority

Community Type Population
Dalmeny, SK Town 1,766
Delisle, SK Town 1,024
Langham, SK Town 1,518
Martensville, SK City 10,549
Osler, SK Town 1,251
Rosthern, SK Town 1,602
Aberdeen No 373, SK Rural municipality 1,461
Blucher No 343, SK Rural municipality 1,984
Corman Park No 344, SK Rural municipality 8,909
Dundurn No 314, SK Rural municipality 2,101
Saskatoon, SK City 266,141
Warman, SK City 12,419