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Red Lake is located at the end of Highway 105, 170 kilometers north of the Trans-Canada Highway. Our community has all the modern conveniences and amenities necessary to lead a less stressful rural lifestyle. Although the community of Red Lake is less than a century old, people have lived in the area for centuries. Early inhabitants were the Cree and Sioux Nations but approximately 300 years ago, the Ojibwe became the dominant culture. In the 19th century fur was the main commodity of the Canadian North necessitating the formation of Red Lake as a fur outpost. As the fur industry struggled in the late 19th century an exciting new industry (gold) took its place. In 1925 the gold rush began. Over the years mining has, and continues to, exude a major economic influence over the area.

Forestry also plays a significant role in the local economy. Timber and wood by-products are harvested and shipped to processing mills and facilities across Northwestern Ontario.

Many tourists visit the Red Lake area to experience the world class outdoor activities. With over 100 fishing and hunting camps in the Red Lake region tourism factors significantly in the regional economy. Tourism has been identified as a growth industry with enormous potential. Eco-tourism is growing in popularity and is being promoted by an international marketing campaign. Five hundred miles of shoreline; abundant wildlife; excellent fishing; snowmobile trails; cross-country skiing; and other activities ensures a rich outdoor experience.

Red Lake enjoys a long and continuous history of float plane transportation. Red Lake's largest annual event, the Norseman Festival, is based on the historic Canadian-made float plan referred to as the Norseman. This festival attracts enthusiasts worldwide. From music festivals, to fishing derbies, to winter activities, to curling bonspiels; to golf tournaments and other sporting events, Red Lake offers plenty of recreational activities that everyone can enjoy.

Major Employers

  • Goldcorp Red Lake Gold Mines
  • Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Municipality of Red Lake
  • Keewatin Patricia District School Board
  • Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital