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Lake of Bays is a renowned retreat for tourists and seasonal residents, but a combination of location, lifestyle and opportunity also make it an area with strong business potential. Encouraging new business investment is a local priority and the Township of Lake of Bays strives to create a business-friendly climate that welcomes new entrepreneurs with open arms.

Township administration is available to guide you through the process of starting your business and encourages the development of a creative economy including a variety of commercial enterprises such as home based businesses, small family owned resorts, independently owned restaurants, arts and crafts and cultural enterprises, and other innovative businesses that help create a unique atmosphere in Lake of Bays.

The Township’s economy is predominantly associated with tourism and related industries such as construction and real estate; however a strong and vibrant business community is emerging with entrepreneurial talent. Lake of Bays boasts a diversified and thriving business sector, which includes: light manufacturing (water craft – canoes and kayaks, audio products, craft wine and beer), construction and design (timber frame, log and fine cottage construction), services (accounting, home care, hospitality/lodging), retail and trade (garden centres, restaurants, gourmet food), green energy and design (renewable energy project involving solar panels), as well as all things related to tourism.