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Located on the Trans-Canada highway, Hearst is 600 km from the U.S. borders and a day’s drove to the major Ontario and Quebec markets. Hearst has a population of 5070 and has a service area of approximately 7500. Home of two French post-secondary institutions, the Hearst University and the Boreal College, Hearst is known for have the highest percentage of francophones in the province of Ontario. Hearst is a community that is energized by the cultural richness meshed with French, Oji-Cree and Euro-Canadian heritage.

The forest industry is one of our economic engine and is mainly the fabrication of veneer, plywood and engineered wood and softwood lumber and harvesting, tree planting, logging and hauling and tree seedlings production. Tembec Inc., Columbia Forest Products and Lecours Lumber are the major employers in this sector.

The mining sector has yet to become a major contributor to our economy. A large scale find of 99.1% pure graphite rests 60 km west of Hearst.