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LMI Dashboard – Q3 2022 Update

  • The size of the regional labour force and total employment declined slighlty in August compared to last year.
  • The unemployment rate rose from 7.5% in August 2021 to 9.7% in August 2022.
  • The accommdation and food services sector employment was down 42% in August compared to last year.
  • Manufacturing employment was down slightly as was personal and professional services employment.
  • Construction employment, by contrast, was up 52% in August compared to August 2021.
  • K-12 enrolment was up by nearly 800 students in 2021-2022 compared to the previous year (+4.1%).
  • In June, the number of persons collecting EI in Pictou was down 57% compared to June 2021.
  • The Pictou County population increased by 0.5% in 2021, much faster than in recent years.
  • According to IRCC, there have been 90 permanent residents admitted into Pictou County from Jan-July 2022.
  • According to Statistics Canada, in 2021 there were 47 immigrants added to the Pictou County population.
  • In 2021, the county attracted 405 (net) interprovincial migrants (up 59% over 2020).
  • The county had negative intraprovincial migration in 2021 (59 more moved out than in).
  • The natural population growth rate continued negative with 250 more deaths than births in 2021.
  • The job vacancy rate across the region was up 48% in Q2 2022 compared to the previous year.
  • There were 3,155 vacant jobs across the region in Q2 2022 compared to only 1,480 in Q2 2018.
  • Sales and service jobs had the most vacancies followed by trades/transport.

Workforce Related Media

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  • Pictou County Regional Enterprise Network rebrands to the Pictou County Partnership - Jun 2022
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