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St. Laurent is the heart of the municipality where you will find services such as a post office, credit union, arena, golf course, recreation centre, hardware store, restaurants, gas stations and so much more.

In the northern part of the municipality, you will find the town of Oak Point with services such as restaurant, hotel/motel and campground. Oak Point also takes pride in its community centre which offers a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy all year round.

The eastern portion of the municipality is bordered by the Shoal Lakes. The majority of agricultural land is found in this eastern area of the municipality where cattle grazing on pasture or farmers working in their fields also create a peaceful and beautiful scenery anytime of the year.

The shore of Lake Manitoba makes up the western edge of the municipality. A strong commercial fishery exists on Lake Manitoba and is an important part of our community with local fishermen providing species such as carp in the springtime and others like perch and pickerel during the wintertime. This western edge of the municipality also consists of beautiful sandy beaches in the summertime which are populated by both seasonal cottagers and permanent residents.