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Our Story

Dauphin was featured as one of Canada’s top 10 prime adventure towns, “where the grass really is greener” in the March 2007 issue of Explore Magazine. And why not? Surrounded by rich farmland and natural beauty, it is in the heart of the Parkland region.

Just 300 km from Winnipeg, or 35 minutes by daily scheduled flights, Dauphin is a prime year-round destination with diverse nature-based attractions, a rich culture and history, along with world-class festivals. Manufacturing, education and a growing business community complement its capacity as a regional service centre for health care and retail in the Parkland.

The area has much to offer, as Dauphin continues to grow in the areas of agricultural-based industry, distribution and other small industries. A new industrial park and incentive programs for new and expanding development, provides exciting opportunities to enhance Dauphin.

One of our richest resources is our volunteer base, which makes it possible to host major events such as Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival, Dauphin’s Countryfest and major sporting events. The City of Dauphin is a regional centre, with a trading area population of over 56,000, drawing people from the Parkland and northern Interlake regions of Manitoba for education, health care, recreation, services and shopping.