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Our Story

With the arrival of the new millennium, Tumbler Ridge experienced a great deal of social and economic upheaval. In August, 2000, the Quintette Coal Mine shut down. Bullmoose Mine shut down in April, 2003. It seemed as though the town's heyday as a coal mining town had come and gone. At that time, the District undertook an international marketing campaign focusing on affordable housing and superior lifestyle within a magnificent natural setting. People from around the world answered the call and today they still call Tumbler Ridge home. Not long after, the community saw the return of coal mining with the opening of Western Coal's Wolverine Mine in 2005, followed by Peace River Coal's Trend mine. These projects, combined with a new population base and the community's efforts towards diversification, have resulted in the greatest level of private investment in the community since its construction.

In 2016, the town celebrated its 35th Anniversary. Today the Tumbler Ridge's heart is beating stronger than ever as it works to build a new reputation as one of the most beautiful and remote areas left in the province.