Woodlands County

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Our Story

Woodlands County is a rural municipality approximately 150 kilometers northwest of Edmonton, Alberta. With an area of 7,668 square kilometers, the county surrounds the Town of Whitecourt, and includes the hamlets of Blue Ridge, Goose Lake and Fort Assiniboine.

With a population of over 4,600 people, Woodlands County is a thriving natural playground, welcoming families, businesses and tourists alike to experience and enjoy all there is to offer.

Woodlands County is the key location for doing business in northern Alberta. We offer a unique blend of urban and rural lifestyles, active and collaborating business relationships, and a focus on recreation and family activities. Key regional advantages include our:

  • Central location between the urban centers of Edmonton and Grande Prairie;
  • Modern recreational facilities;
  • Countless outdoor and indoor leisure opportunities;
  • Dynamic and thriving economy;
  • Expanding health services;
  • Affordable housing and living;
  • Available and affordable land;
  • Young and productive workforce;
  • Growing professional development and training opportunities;
  • Excellent transportation system via road, rail, and air;
  • Established telecommunication infrastructure.

Our region is deļ¬ned by our broad vision for a thriving and sustainable future and is deeply invested in supporting businesses that share this vision.

Growth Alberta

Community Type Population
Clyde, AB Village 415
Westlock, AB Town 4,921
Woodlands County, AB Municipal District 4,558
Mayerthorpe, AB Town 1,259
Lac Ste Anne County, AB Municipal District 10,832
Swan Hills, AB Town 1,201
Wabamun, AB Village 682
Growth Alberta, AB Regional Municipality 32,958
Wabamun, AB Village 682
Alberta Beach, AB Village 864
Westlock County, AB Municipal District 7,186