Town of Vulcan






Our Story

Originally named after the Roman God of fire by a CPR surveyor in 1910, the Town of Vulcan is a progressive and thriving community that serves as the economic hub and trading centre for Vulcan County.  The Town is located midway between Calgary and Lethbridge on Highway 23.  Vulcan's economic stability is enhanced by its proximity to high‐yielding agricultural land, and major natural gas and oil deposits.

The Town of Vulcan offers all the amenities of a large city while maintaining a warm rural atmosphere.  Quality of life, culture, recreation, education, medical and protective services are of the highest standard. Golfing, camping, fishing and a view of the Rocky Mountain Foothills are just a few of the many year‐round recreational activities.  

Vulcan has affordable, serviced residential and commercial lots available, as well as a developed industrial park to accommodate new industry.  Promoting the science fiction application of its name, the Town of Vulcan holds many events that attract international visitors as well as visitors from other galaxies!  Be sure to stop by the Tourism and Trek Station, where we have information on all of our county communities. The Town of Vulcan offers its residents a balanced quality lifestyle making this community a great place to call "home".