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WELCOME TO THE COUNTY OF VERMILION RIVER! In east central Alberta at the Alberta-Saskatchewan border you will find the County of Vermilion River, which is home to 8,267 residents, 7 unincorporated hamlets, 4 villages and 1 town. The many features, amenities and opportunities in our municipality make it “A sustainable, vibrant and diversified community with opportunities for all”.

Our municipal operations are based out of Kitscoty, Alberta – in the heart of a prosperous agricultural region and thriving energy sector built on an innovative entrepreneurial spirit.

Agriculture has grown from the small family farm to include highly innovative technology, crops and livestock management practices. Our farms are embracing diversification through greenhouses, holistic livestock products (elk antler velvet) and on-farm retail products (cheese anyone?). Support services for the agriculture industry range from family-owned implement dealers with nationally recognized operations to grain and livestock haulers.

The list of successful “small” businesses that are making a difference in the oil industry is a long one. We are home to pipeline, drilling and service companies. There are manufacturers shipping products globally alongside trucking companies and single-bay mechanic shops. Our highly skilled tradespeople are independent business owners with construction and trades based companies. We have businesses dedicated to the environment with full-service oil industry waste and recycling services

Stemming from the success of the Ag and Oil industries, we have a thriving marketplace with retailers of RV’s, ATV’s, RTM’s; services such as event rental companies, tourism accommodations, security, water and septic supply, and personal and health providers.

As a whole, we see the strength in our regional economy – the diversity is expanding and becoming more sustainable. At the heart of all this, are our small business owners and our family farms.