City of Lloydminster




Food Processing

Our Story

Lloydminster is recognized as an economic producer and provider, with the agriculture and energy sectors being at the forefront. With these foundational and established sectors, Lloydminster is an attractive target for existing and emerging technologies, our vast range of quality feedstock and raw materials, including agricultural products like canola, barley and wheat, and energy commodities including crude oil, asphalt, and other petroleum products.

Lloydminster has a talented and highly educated workforce, with engineering and related technologies being the most popular field of study. Lloydminster’s workforce participation rate is also historically higher than both the Saskatchewan (70.6%) and Alberta (66.7%) rates, at 75.5% (Stats Canada Census). Lloydminster also boasts a young workforce, with a 35.6 Median age compared to Alberta (37.9) and Saskatchewan(38) Medians (Stats Canada 2021 Census).