Lac Ste Anne County



Our Story

The County is named after Lac Ste. Anne Lake, a large lake in the mid-east part of the county. Prior to European settlement the area was inhabited by the Nakota Sioux and Cree First Nation’s People. The County has a strong indigenous tradition, and the Alexis First Nations Reserve is located in the centre of the County in the present day.

It began to be inhabited by European settlers in the mid-19th Century. The village of Lac Ste. Anne Mission was one of the first settled areas in Alberta, after being established by the Lac Ste. Mission. The Mission grew quickly, and at one point was a larger trading post than Fort Edmonton.

The major catalyst for the next phase of development in the region was the construction of the railroad through the county, which led to intensified agricultural operations and greater access. It also led to growth of areas around Lac Ste. Anne Lake as tourist destinations. The development of Highway 43 in the first half of the 20th century further reinforced the infrastructural spine of the County and led to the growth of the main Towns and Villages.

Through the amalgamation of numerous smaller municipalities, the Municipal District of Lac Ste. Anne was formed in 1944. The Municipal District was declared a County in 1965. The County has a strong and diverse local culture. Agriculture, lakes and recreational areas are core features in establishing the unique identity of the county. In addition to the already established local population, the county is also proving to be an increasingly popular location for new residents, particularly those relocating from the Edmonton area, in search of an affordable rural lifestyle in close proximity to Edmonton and Spruce Grove.

Agriculture and related industry has traditionally formed the core economic activity within the county. This has, however, been supplemented in recent years with a stronger recreational sector, aggregate extraction industry, and general industrial development.

Growth Alberta

Community Type Population
Clyde, AB Village 415
Westlock, AB Town 4,921
Woodlands County, AB Municipal District 4,558
Mayerthorpe, AB Town 1,259
Lac Ste Anne County, AB Municipal District 10,832
Swan Hills, AB Town 1,201
Wabamun, AB Village 682
Growth Alberta, AB Regional Municipality 32,958
Wabamun, AB Village 682
Alberta Beach, AB Village 864
Westlock County, AB Municipal District 7,186