Growth Alberta Region






Our Story

Agriculture, oil & gas, forestry and manufacturing industries and their supply chain links are key components in GROWTH Alberta’s vibrant, diversified and progressive regional economy. The forests, rolling hills, lakes, rivers and wildlife add priceless scenic components to a thriving historical, cultural, culinary and adventure based tourism industry.”

The GROWTH Alberta region offers access to markets throughout Northern Alberta offering low taxes and operating costs with a rural quality of life benefit. Transportation corridors offer highway, rail and quick access to regional and international airports. Business and industry choose the GROWTH Alberta region for its highly productive farmland, abundant resources, access to skilled labour and an “open for business” attitude. Residents enjoy the safe and welcoming atmosphere of the region, packed with amenities and a short drive to the City of Edmonton. Priority access to premium healthcare, quality education and numerous indoor & outdoor recreational experiences highlights the attractiveness of the region and ability to provide a positive work life balance.

Growth Alberta

Community Type Population
Clyde, AB Village 430
Westlock, AB Town 5,101
Woodlands County, AB Municipal district 4,754
Mayerthorpe, AB Town 1,320
Lac Ste Anne County, AB Municipal district 10,899
Swan Hills, AB Town 1,301
Wabamun, AB Village 682
Growth Alberta, AB Regional Municipality 32,958
Wabamun, AB Village 682
Alberta Beach, AB Village 1,018
Westlock County, AB Municipal district 7,220