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The year 1892 started on a Friday, and was a leap year. It was the 55th year of Queen Victoria's reign and the year in which John Thompson became Canada's 4th Prime Minister. By 1896 a group of settlers in the area called a meeting for the purpose of organizing a local school district in what was then the North West Territories. Of the eight settlers present at the meeting, it was a man originally from Aberdeen, Scotland who suggested the name of the new district be the motto of Aberdeen, "Bon Accord".

Bon Accord, like many of the rural towns across the Canadian prairies, was initially founded as a school district, combined with an agriculture need to provide goods and services that were unavailable outside of Edmonton, the capitol of Alberta and the nearest metropolitan hub. By 1964 Bon Accord attracted enough residents to incorporate as a Village and as a Town in 1979.

While the surrounding community is still largely dominated by farming activities, today the Town is home to large number of Canadian Forces personnel stationed at the nearby Canadian Forces Base Edmonton.

Bon Accord is close enough to the Alberta Capitol to enjoy the amenities and services offered in Edmonton and the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, but it is also far enough away from the city to enjoy spectacular night-time views of the stars and panoramic prairie skies. These were enhanced in 2012 when the Town Council adopted numerous new practices and technology to become a Light Efficient Community when Council adopted Resolution 12.29 on February 7th, 2012.

To further expand the experience for stargazers, Bon Accord submitted an application to the International Dark-Sky Association and received designation in 2015 as "Canada's 1st International Dark Sky Community". By applying for this designation, the Town wanted to permanently affirm its commitment to preserving the night sky for generations of children and stargazers to come. Leading thinkers whom came before us grew up enamored by the vastness of the universe unimpeded by light pollution. Ensuring this legacy endures for years to come is one of the reasons this designation is important to the Town of Bon Accord.