Western Region

Our Story

Early in 2014, six municipal units in Western Nova Scotia created the Western Regional Enterprise Network (Western REN), in response to recommendations from the Regional Development Authority Review Panel in late 2012.

The member municipalities and the province have named a nine-member board of directors to direct the core activities of one of the first RENs in Nova Scotia.

On April 1, 2017, the existing six member municipalities were joined by a seventh. To learn more about our member municipal units, see our pages on Investing and Living here.

The Regional Enterprise Networks are Nova Scotia’s response to an identified need to foster rural and regional economic development.

We believe:

Expanding economic success will result from engaging people and existing businesses, The Western Region needs to be prepared for investment opportunities, A lens of innovation and entrepreneurship will guide all Western REN actions, The Western REN brings value through networking with existing economic development efforts, Increasing immigration is an important part of solutions to workforce issues, and Western Nova Scotia needs a strong and vibrant economic development service delivery model. The values of the Western REN strategy are derived from what we’ve heard reflected through our partners, stakeholders, and community members.

People are the Western REN’s core strength: innovative and committed to success; Diversity is important to sustainability: culturally, geographically, and economically; Creativity drives entrepreneurship and innovation: authentic and resilient businesses thrive; People value rural living: embracing the unique characteristics and strengths of rural lifestyles; and Partnerships are the key: collective planning and collaborative action will lead to greater success.