Cumberland Business Connector

Our Story

Shortly after “Now or Never, An Urgent Call to Action for Nova Scotians” was released, a small group of local business people started meeting to talk about how, collectively, we could accomplish what none of us could do individually, what we could no longer ask or expect any government to do alone – make a significant, lasting difference to the economy of Cumberland County.

Identifying ourselves as CCL (Cumberland County Life) we took up the challenge of the Ivany report for business to step up and take an active role in revitalizing the economy of Nova Scotia, especially rural Nova Scotia, for the benefit of us all. With encouragement from our local municipal governments the discussion was broadened to include a wide cross section of leaders in Cumberland County. From there our three-pillar strategy began to take shape. CCL’s focus narrowed to how we could connect, support and influence existing businesses, youth and government decisions to drive economic development. CCL recognized that to have the most impact we would have to formalize our structure and governance and shift from an entirely volunteer organization to a board – staff model. The Cumberland Business Connector, deliberately named as that is how we see our role and symbolized by the stylized depiction of the Wallace River bridge in our logo, incorporated as a not for profit society in 2016.

Since then the Connector has been busy building. CEO Jonathan has immersed himself in building networks and relationships with our partners in economic development – government, businesses, and key representatives of secondary and post secondary education. The Board has built its governance structure to provide the direction, oversight and accountability it needs for credible leadership. With our funding partners, members and economic and thought leaders in Cumberland County we have built a plan. From this foundation, we look ahead. We look forward to making a difference together on the economy of, and life in, Cumberland County.