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  • Alex Fallon

    “Townfolio is an absolute game changer in terms of providing a comprehensive economic profile that’s always up to date, yet affordable for all communities & regions. Townfolio has allowed us to promote our region & I highly recommend their software & service!”

    Alex Fallon, CEO at Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA)

  • Josh Welz

    “Information is essential in Economic Development. More importantly, having accurate, up to date information about my community is essential to business development here. Townfolio provides all of the information that businesses and investors are looking for within a single click of the mouse, making it an invaluable economic development tool in my mind.”

    Josh Welz, Economic Development Officer for the City of Warman

  • Carey Baker

    “While we had some statistical information and data about our community, we lacked real detail and the ability to properly display and communicate the information. Townfolio has provided the Town of Unity with a modern, professional, and comprehensive statistical portfolio that is easily viewed and has great appeal to a variety of users.”

    Carey Baker, Director of Economic Development for the Town of Unity

  • Jennifer Brooks

    “I was impressed with how easily the Townfolio team captured and displayed our community’s most relevant data. Now, instead of being limited by our capacity to access and share this information, we can’t wait to tell builders, developers, investors and others to look to our profile!”

    Jennifer Brooks, Community Development Director for the City of Humboldt

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